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'Pick Up' Wheelbarrow
Polypropylene tray, 32 mm diameter epoxy coated frame, the deep narrow grooved tray allows tools to be carried easily 110 ltr, weight 11 kgs £89.95 WBTR001
Galvanised tray, one piece epoxy coated tubular frame, pneumatic wheel 120 ltr, weight 16.5 kg £93.45 WBTR003
Heavy Duty two wheel barrow
Galvanised tray, epoxy coated tubular frame, pneumatic wheels on roller bearings 150 ltr, weight 31.5 kg £260.00 WBTR004
Builder/Garden Barrow
Sturdy & well balance with pneumatic 4 ply tyre and epoxy coated pressed steel tray 90 lts, weight 14 kg £59.50 WBTR005
Haemmerlin  90 Wheelbarrow

Polypropylene tray, green powder coated steel frame, pneumatic wheel



90 ltr £53.95 WBTR006
Garden Roller
All metal construction that is filled with sand or water for ballast 320 x 430 mm, 11.5 kg weight without ballast £89.95 WBTR008
The Green Wheelbarrow

Handmade classic wooden wheelbarrows, extremely strong and reliable. Professionally constructed from specially selected English woods.  You can have other colours.

  £360 WBTR011