Asparagus Parsley Both are more vigorous

Tomatoes Protects against asparagus beetles

Beans Carrots Aid growth Onions, garlic, shallots

Marigolds Deter bean beetle

Summer savory Deters beetles, improves growth

Broad beans Sweetcorn Mutually self-supporting

Green beans Celery 1 plant to every 6 Improve growth Fennel, onions


Strawberries Improve growth

Beetroot Kohlrabi Use the same kind of culture but take soil nourishment at different levels

Broccoli Celery, sage, rosemary Improves growth Tomatoes, strawberries
Cabbage Hyssop, thyme Repel white cabbage butterfly Tomatoes, strawberries

Onions, potatoes Good companion plants

Carrot Onions, leeks, rosemary, sage Repel carrot fly

Cauliflower Celery Repel white cabbage butterfly Tomatoes, strawberries
Celeriac Leeks Good companion plant also needing potassium

Sweetcorn Peas, beans Restore to the soil nitrogen used up by the corn

Melons, marrows, cucumbers Like the shade provided by the corn Tomatoes, strawberries
Cucumber Corn Protects against wilt Potatoes

Radishes Protects against cucumber beetles

Leeks Celery, onions, carrots Good companion plants

Lettuce Onions Help repel rabbits

Melons Corn, sunflowers Good companion plants

Morning glory Stimulates germination