Prepare a simple winter feast for your wildlife

While Christmas brings a glut of good things for us to eat, it can often signal the beginning of a lean spell for the animals that visit our gardens. Much of the autumn berry, nut and fruit harvest has now dwindled, insects are few and far between, and the earth can be frost hardened, meaning that worms, grubs and roots lay beyond reach.

So hereís a simple recipe, designed to give mammals, from field mice to hedgehogs to badgers, a vital winter energy boost. Itís easy to make and might prove to be a lifesaver.

Take equal portions of wild bird-seed; chopped (unsalted peanuts); crushed digestive biscuits (not chocolate); and sultanas.

Mix with enough peanut butter to allow you to make small, tasty balls.

Leave these on the ground, close to shelter.

Donít forget to also leave a supply of fresh water in a shallow dish.