Attract bats into your garden

Bats become fully active in April, emerging from winter hibernation sites that they have occupied since November. Many pipistrelle bats, the most common in urban and rural gardens, will have hibernated in crevices in houses and outbuildings, causing no damage and often unseen. However, in summer they look for other places to roost after their nightly exertions.

Putting up a bat box in your garden will provide a useful roost, and a place for them to mate and even raise young. The boxes look similar to bird boxes but have small slot openings at their bases. If your garden has some mature trees then you should already have bats, but you can do more to attract them by providing night-scented flowers such as honeysuckle or evening primrose, ensuring a supply of night-flying insects for the bats to feed on.

If you fancy making your own bat box, you can get free plans from