10 handy full colour guides on Annuals, Baskets, Patios, Pruning, Planting, Maintaining, Choosing Plants and more.
Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall looks at the way changing garden styles have reflected economic, social and cultural life, in cottage or mansion, country or town, and how the same influences affected architecture, clothes and manners as well as gardens.
Pippa Greenwood's A Garden for All Seasons is an essential for novice and experienced gardener alike.150 photographs, a month-by-month planner and packed with inspiring ideas and practical solutions.
The first of two volumes, Alan Titchmarsh covers the absolute essentials that 
every gardener needs to know. He includes 
information on how plants work and what they 
need to survive, as well as advice on where to 
begin if you're a first-time gardener.
The latest version of the gardener's bible

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